WITSML Browser - Query Options

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Query options are located directly below the "API Functions" drop-down. Availability of these options are determined by the currently selected API Function. All options apply to GetFromStore except for "Cascade Delete" which apply to DeleteFromStore.

OptionsIn Parameters
  • Return Elements - provides a list of return element values

  • Options In - free-form data entry of OptionsIn parameters

  • Request Object Selection - request the server return a template that defines the items supported by the server for object selection (keyword:requestObjectSelectionCapability)

  • Private Group Only - query objects that have the field privateGroupOnly set in the common data

  • Latest n Values - specifies the last n values to be returned from each curve in a log data-object (keyword:requestLatestValues)

  • Max Data Rows - specifies the number of returned growing sub-nodes; defaults to return everything if not specified (keyword:maxReturnNodes)

  • Cascaded Delete - add "cascadedDeleted=true" keyword to OptionsIn parameter

Partial Data Options
  • Auto Query Partial Data - automatically query for additional log data if query returns partial data

  • Keep Grid Data - keep data in Data tab with each query

Documentation > User Guide > WITSML Browser > Settings