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Hierarchy displays the WITSML data object hierarchy of existing data in the server. The hierarchy will be populated with a list of all Wells the first time the Hierarchy tab is navigated to after a server connection.


Provides a tree view hierarchy of data in a WITSML Store. To expand a node, click on the left arrow or double-click the name.

Hierarchy Context Menu

Right-click a node to display a context menu with the following options:

  • Get IDs - query the selected data object IDs

  • Get Header - query the selected data object header; applies to growing objects only

  • Get Details - query the data object details using options in of "returnElements=all"

    The following sub-menu items query data object details using the specified options in parameters whose values have been entered in the Settings tab.

    • Return Elements = all - "returnElements=all"
    • + Latest n Values - "returnElements=all;requestLatestValues=n"
    • + Max Data Rows - "returnElements=all;maxReturnNodes=n"
    • All of the Above - includes all options mentioned above
    • Custom Options In - custom options entered in Settings tab

  • Refresh - query the selected node and refresh the node and it's children

  • Refresh All - query the server and refresh the hierarchy

Documentation > User Guide > WITSML Browser