User Guide


PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop is a Windows desktop application that can be used for querying, testing and evaluating Energistics standards such as WITSML and ETP. It is built using a plug-in based architecture. The application was originally developed by the PDS WITSML Development team for diagnostics and troubleshooting of PDS WITSMLstudio Store.

This user guide contains descriptions and instructions for all functionality provided by PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop.

PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop provides the following menu items:

  • File > Open > Data Directory - opens a folder containing the PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop data files

  • File > Open > Working Directory - opens a folder containing the PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop application files

  • File > Open > Output Directory - opens a folder containing the output files of results saved to disk

  • File > Exit - closes the application

  • Help > Online Help - opens the online User Guide in a browser

  • Help > About - opens an About PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop dialog with tabs containing application and license information

The application breadcrumb displays the name of the current plug-in as well as any additional context information, such as the current connection name.


PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop ships with two plug-ins enabled by default, with more to come later.