Getting Started

Petrotechnical Data Systems (PDS) is developing a suite of useful and usable open source technology for building client-side and server-side WITSML / ETP solutions. PDS WITSMLstudio Store can be used out-of-the-box in a lab environment, on the rig, or in the cloud to gather and store drilling data while enabling data exchange workflows between applications that communicate via WITSML or ETP. PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop is a desktop application which enables the user to query any compliant WITSML 1.4.1 or 1.3.1 server while also providing connectivity to any ETP server or data producer supporting version 1.1 of the ETP Specification.

To get started developing with PDS WITSML technology, download or clone the Git repositories listed below based on need of client and/or server functionality. Apart from source code developed and provided by PDS, the Git repositories listed below also include components provided by Energistics for the Oil & Gas community to which PDS has made significant contributions.

If running from source code is not desired or needed, NuGet packages are also available for some components. See Downloads page for more information.

PDS Repositories

The core PDS WITSMLstudio applications and shared component libraries are available in the following GitHub repositories:

Energistics Repositories

PDS WITSMLstudio applications utilize the following open source libraries available from Energistics:

  • ETP DevKit
    • .NET library providing a common foundation and the basic infrastructure needed to communicate via the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP)
    • Developed and contributed by PDS
    • Apache 2.0 License
    • View BitBucket Repository
  • Standards DevKit
    • Wraps the WITSML, PRODML and RESQML schemas with Microsoft .NET objects
    • Contributed by ExxonMobil and maintained by Energistics
    • Apache 2.0 License
    • View BitBucket Repository

Where to go from here?

Browse the Documentation or read the Developer Guide for more details.