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This section provides an example of how to set up the Visual Studio development environment to debug PDS WITSMLstudio Store.

  • Start PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop, or another WITSML client of your choice, and establish a connection to PDS WITSMLstudio Store.

  • In Visual Studio, open the PDS.WITSMLstudio.Store solution and attach to the IIS worker process by selecting Debug > Attach to Process.

  • In the Attach to Process dialog, search for the process w3wp.exe and attach to it.

  • Open the WitsmlStore class under the Store.Core project within the PDS.WITSMLstudio submodule. Put a break point on the first line of the method WMLS_GetFromStore.

  • In PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop, issue a GetFromStore query as described in the User Guide for PDS WITSMLstudio Desktop.

  • In the PDS.WITSMLstudio.Store solution, the process will stop at the break point in the WMLS_GetFromStore method.

Documentation > Developer Guide