PDS Releases Open Source WITSML Technologies...

PDS Releases Open Source WITSMLTM Technologies to Improve Drilling Workflows and Data Exchange

PDS WITSML Server and PDS WITSML Studio help companies rapidly test and deploy WITSML-enabled solutions.

Houston – 9 November 2016

Petrotechnical Data Systems (PDS), a leading provider of petrotechnical software solutions to the oil and gas industry, announced today the availability of its new open source technology for Energistics’ Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language (WITSML): PDS WITSML Server and PDS WITSML Studio, an intuitive WITSML client query tool. The technology is released under the permissive Apache License.

PDS’s open source WITSML server aims to facilitate faster adoption of the latest standards from Energistics by addressing a critical gap in the availability of test environments for WITSML-based software development. The new server provides a dedicated resource for companies to test their WITSML client applications with the most common objects in current and upcoming versions of the standards. It also provides data access through the next generation Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP), and it is the industry’s first publicly available server to support the upcoming 2.0 version of the standard.

According to Olivier Lehmann, President of INT, Inc., “The PDS tools for WITSML have allowed us to test our real-time HTML5 visualization platform and GeoToolkit components for 2D/3D data visualization built on WITSML data sources. Accessible WITSML technology, such as that provided by PDS, shortens our development cycle and improves the quality of our WITSML-enabled functionality.”

In addition to the WITSML server, PDS also released PDS WITSML Studio, a client diagnostic and support tool. The ability to inspect and manipulate data in a WITSML server is crucial for developing and supporting WITSML-capable applications. WITSML Studio lets users inspect and manipulate data in any WITSML server. Like the PDS WITSML Server, WITSML Studio supports the current versions of WITSML, the upcoming 2.0 version, and ETP.

“The availability of open source, publicly-available WITSML technology has been a long-held ambition of the WITSML Community, and we are delighted that PDS is empowering the community to adopt the new standards faster than ever before,” said Ross Philo, President and CEO of Energistics, curators of the WITSML standards.

The introduction of these new technologies, along with the ETP DevKit PDS recently contributed to Energistics, will immediately simplify implementation for companies interested in developing WITSML-enabled solutions. In the longer term, open source technologies like these can serve to accelerate marketplace diversity and innovation as well as drive down cost for those developing and maintaining these solutions.

“For years, slow adoption of new versions of the WITSML standard have prevented the industry from taking full advantage of the improvements in transfer efficiency, data quality, and data management that these new standards offer. We are delighted to contribute these innovative open source technologies, and firmly believe that they will serve as a catalyst for standards’ adoption, and expedite the development of the next generation of high-value software solutions needed by the drilling community,” said Steve Daum, Managing Director of the PDS Group.

More information about the Open Source WITSML Technology can be found at https://witsml.pds.technology. Both the PDS WITSML Server and WITSML Studio are immediately available for download as open source code at https://github.com/pds-technology.

About – Energistics and WITSML

Energistics is a global, non-profit consortium established 25 years ago to bring together upstream oil and natural gas industry professionals in a neutral and collaborative environment to develop and deploy open data exchange standards and to address oil and gas information sharing challenges. Our members consist of integrated, independent and national oil companies, oilfield service companies, hardware and software vendors, system integrators, regulatory agencies and the global standards user community.

For more information, visit www.energistics.org.

About – INT

Interactive Network Technologies, Inc (INT) specializes in efficient solutions for data display: providing expandable visualization applications, software development libraries, and custom software services. Utilizing the latest software technologies, products include GeoToolkit graphics libraries for programmers in Java, .NET, and HTML5 environments, INTViewer platform for seismic analysis and QC, plus HTML5 web-based viewers for seismic, logs, and drilling data.

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Petrotechnical Data Systems is a leading provider of petrotechnical software solutions to the petroleum industry. PDS is a long-time member and active participant in energy industry standardization efforts. For over twenty years, PDS has delivered innovative software technologies, R&D and consulting services to the petroleum industry from technology centers in The Hague, Houston, London, Sofia and Muscat.

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