PDS WITSML Studio - ETP Security Update

The upcoming release of ETP v1.1 mandates the use of token based authentication using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and recommends the use of SSL to secure the WebSocket communications. PDS WITSML Studio has been updated to provide better support for JWT as well as a mechanism to retrieve a JWT from a token provider service using Basic authentication (username/password), if such a service is available to the user.

After updating to the latest release of WITSML Studio, users will be presented with the following dialog when they choose to add a new connection or edit an existing connection:

ETP with Basic Authentication (Legacy)

ETP with Basic Authentication

ETP with JSON Web Token (JWT)

ETP with JSON Web Token

Token Provider Interface

Clicking the [...] button next to the Bearer authentication option will open another connection dialog that can be used to retrieve a JSON Web Token from a Token Provider Service if one is available that accepts a username and password using Basic authentication.

Request JWT from Token Provider

This latest release also includes various bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Connections are now persisted to the user's %LocalAppData% folder so they survive application updates and uninstall / reinstall
  • Window size and position are cached when the application is shutdown
  • Minor bug fixes

More information about PDS WITSML Studio can be found in the User Guide and overall PDS WITSML Documentation.

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